Functional Requirements

Here I am hoping to offer a range of “functional requirements for a variety of different purposes.

ucinex_HCP_UX_Specs_V1_6-20-14b.pdf of “functional requirements” documents representing a range of scenarios.

Mucinex Professional



I created a prototype for the HCP site that was also used for the consumer site. Here is my functional specification for the consumer site:

View the func specBCVision_Functional_Annotations_2-23-17.pdf CRO_Shopping_IA_Notes_4-2-09.doc CRO_Shopping_MODULES_Final.pdf MKQ_Master_Functional_Specs_Web.pdf mucinex_func_spec.png PALLAS_Microsite_Func_Spec_5-25-16.pdf Xolair_UX_Modules_3-27-13.pdf